Editor's note: Leave it to teaching pro and Storyworks Advisor Jackie Rabinoff of New York to devise a way to squeeze even more out of her subscription. We love her economical ways! Take a look at Jackie's beautifully organized Storyworks independent reading center that she happily makes available to her students. Just think of the amazingly rich reading practice it provides, and gives even more opportunities to grow knowledge and make content connections using our stories. Plus it offers a great extra boost of skills practice using our ready-to-go activity sheets. Think of the amazing formative assessments you'll gain from this easy-to-try Storyworks center!


By Meg Zucker

Editor’s Note: In the February issue of Storyworks Jr., the Paired Texts feature, “What Makes Charlie Awesome?” is about a young boy with physical differences. (Consider it a preview of the emphasis we'll be putting on social-emotional learning and character education in the 2017-18 school year.) Our writing contest asks students to describe what people would like to notice most about themselves. We asked Meg Zucker, Charlie’s mom and a woman with plenty of experience getting kids to think about what makes them unique, to tell us why it’s so critical to get kids thinking this way. We hope to read your students’ contest entries soon! 



In honor of Martin Luther King Day on January 16, and Black History Month in February, we want to highlight some of our favorite Civil Rights-related Storyworks and Storyworks Jr. content, which is always available to you in our archives. Most of what I’m recommending are plays, which gives your students the chance to step into the shoes of some of the most important figures in this movement...

By Michele Miner

Michele Miner is a rockstar Storyworks Jr. Adviser and veteran teacher of special education for 24 years, and we hold her very dear to our hearts. She is a longtime Storyworks Adviser too, and has helped to open our eyes to the very specific needs and supports that would most benefit the special population of first- through fourth-grade students she works with each year. We know that lots of innovative teaching takes place in the Pittsford, NY area school district where she works, because we've seen it firsthand. We also are thrilled to see how many inclusion classrooms she lovingly mentors on how to use Storyworks and Storyworks Jr. to its fullest potential. Here is a sampling of Michele's special sauce for you to try in your classroom.

By Anna Starecheski

We all know that engaging, important nonfiction has the power to educate, inspire, and change students. In fact, that's one of the hallmarks of our philosophy at Storyworks and Storyworks Jr.! One of our favorite things about nonfiction is its ability to open doors to further learning. One of the ways every nonfiction story can accomplish this lies in the research process...

By Julie Ballew

Editor's note: We always love hearing stories from teachers who have found that our magazines make their lives easier. This 4th grade teacher and Scholastic Top Teacher Blogger from Texas has been using Storyworks in her small reading groups, with much success! Read here about how she does it...