By Meg Zucker

Editor’s note: We at Storyworks and Storyworks Jr. love working with Meg Zucker. Meg is the founder of Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It, a not-for-profit organization that works to advance acceptance, understanding, tolerance and mutual respect for a person's blatant or invisible difference. We have great admiration for Meg’s commitment, and she has been an invaluable partner to us at Storyworks Jr. as we continue our SEL focus.

By Rebecca Leon

If you've read our latest nonfiction feature, "Swarms of Terror," about the sky-blackening masses of locusts that descended on the American prairie in the late 1800s, you know what a thrilling read it is. (And if you haven't, there's a treat waiting to - er - leap out of your December/January issue.) But did you know that there's a brand-new Research Kit that goes along with it?

By Allie Curtis and Shannon Seigler

Editor's note: Superstar coaches, Allie and Shannon, are back with another winner of an activity: Tabletop Twitter! As soon as you tell your students the name of this activity, we predict they'll be excited! This activity has students previewing text features while "tweeting" their thoughts, comments, and questions. It's fun for kids, and gets them thinking about the text before diving in for a first read. Check out how Mrs. Tiffany Spiva's fourth grade superstars rocked this strategy!  Let us know how it works in your classroom!

By Rebecca Leon

Here at Storyworks, we're always searching for ways to make our support offerings the best possible learning tools for your students. That's why I'm super excited to share with you our new-and-improved higher-level summarizing activity for our nonfiction and paired-text features. It's called  "Quick, Tell Me What Happened!"...

Looking for more ways to have your students test their writing chops? Direct them towards our contests! Interested in giving them a chance at the prize? These 8 tricks will definitely increase your chance of winning...

By Anna Starecheski

It's such a joy for all of us here at Storyworks and Storyworks Jr. to scroll through Twitter and see what you're up to. We love seeing the unique ways in which you teach with our magazines—often, you come up with ideas we never had in mind when we were gathering stories and creating support materials! We're constantly sending each other links to your tweets—"Did you see this?!" "Check out this idea!" "WOW!" Your creativity and passion are incredibly inspiring. Here are a few of our recent favorite tweets from you...