By Anna Starecheski

In February, we asked you to join our social media community at #MyStoryworksMoment to share your quintessential moments using Storyworks or Storyworks Jr in your classroom. We just love these visual connections that our subscribers are posting. It continues to inspire and amaze us to see your tweets - so keep them coming. Plus we love connecting with you on social media! Here are a few more of our favorites...

By Anna Starecheski

We are so excited about our trio of texts in the March/April issue of Storyworks Jr. We've got a nonfiction feature about a baby elephant who was rescued after her mother was killed by poachers, an informational text about how drones are being used to stop poaching, and a beautiful poem about humans' complicated relationship with elephants. We hope that these texts inspire your students to learn more about the problem of poaching, and we want to help you guide them on that journey. Here are four powerful extensions to keep the learning going on this complex topic...

By Kara Corridan

Want to meet a teacher who's taking Social/Emotional Learning to a whole new level? Introducing Anna Maria Montuori, a fourth-grade teacher in North Babylon, New York. This is her school's first year with a district-wide SEL program, and she's among the teachers who are embracing it wholeheartedly. She's been able to incorporate Storyworks into her initiatives, and we predict you'll be as inspired as we were when she described them to us.

By Aimee Dolan

Hello, teachers! We know that testing is on your minds at this point in the year, and we want to help make your test-prep lessons as meaningful, simple, and joyful (yes, I said that!) as possible. It's a tall order, but we've got an effective and delightful solution. It's Storyworks Core Skills Workout: Making Inferences, a 64-page workbook focused on one of the most difficult skills to teach. It's truly a multigenre, scaffolded, treasure trove of test-prep goodness! Three of you can win a full class set of this fabulous activity book.

Editor's Note: We can always count on superstar teacher Jackie Rabinoff to squeeze every last drop out of her Storyworks subscription, and we love her for it! Her latest lesson takes a new approach to the old-fashioned research report using Storyworks' infographics as mentor texts of sorts. We love this activity because it's research-focused, cooperative, creative, and super-fun! Most importantly, it's simple and doable.

By Allie Curtis and Shannon Seigler

Editor's note: Safe to say we are smitten with Allie and Shannon, two ELA instructional geniuses from Florida. They blew us away with their first post to the Ideabook, and they've done it again with this simple gem! Here, they use Storyworks as a mentor text to teach students how to write good introductory paragraphs. Don't be intimidated by all the steps: Allie and Shannon have provided an awesome flipchart to accompany the lesson, so a lot of the work is done for you! Try this lesson with your students and let us know how it goes.