Student Writer Spotlight: Mickey M!

Anna Starecheski

One of my favorite parts of my job is managing student writing contests. On the Ideabook, we like to highlight extraordinary student writing through our Student Writer Spotlight. See our previous Storyworks Jr. winners herehere and here

Our winner for the February issue is Mickey M! Mickey sent us a powerful entry to our Smog contest. Students were asked to write a paragraph about what happens when we don't have clean air. Check out Mickey's entry below!




Did you ever think we could end up like the dinosaurs and become extinct? Well smog is dangerous enough to make that happen! Smog is dirt in the air, and if we don’t have clean air thousands of people could die. History tells about a time when smog created a blanket that people could not see through. It caused them to lose their way, and actually fall into waterways and drown. Smog can be like a ghost. It creeps into your house through key holes or in the cracks in the door. Then, like an invisible spirit, it enters your body and affects your lungs. It can cause disease or death. This could be why it’s called the KILLER smog!



We loved the vivid details in Mickey's paragraph—especially her comparison of smog to an invisible spirit. She did a fantastic job incorporating details from the story but putting her own spin on them. Great job, Mickey!

For more information about Storyworks Jr. contests, click here!

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