Four Quick Teaching Ideas from Twitter

Anna Starecheski

It's such a joy for all of us here at Storyworks and Storyworks Jr. to scroll through Twitter and see what you're up to. We love seeing the unique ways in which you teach with our magazines—often, you come up with ideas we never had in mind when we were gathering stories and creating support materials. Here are a few of our recent favorite tweets from you!


We loved seeing Alison Chaplar celebrating her student's fantastic winning entry to a Storyworks Jr. writing contest. Alison shared news of her student's win with her local paper, and so our fabulous contest winner got to be featured in print! We love when teachers go the extra mile to celebrate their students' accomplishments!


Hanan D'Ariano created these fabulous interactive charts to teach cause & effect using the Storyworks Jr. article, "The Killer Smog". We love a good chart, and sticky notes make it extra fun!


Leslie Smothers has another fabulous collection of colorful, sticky noted charts! She used the Storyworks paired texts "Two Miles for a Drink of Water" to get her students thinking about the main idea, not just of the article, but of each section.


We were thrilled to see Laura Hernandez using our beloved Word Nerd from Storyworks to review context clues and vocabulary! Every issue comes with a Word Nerd feature, as well as a video online, and these features make for a quick and fun vocabulary lesson.


Keep these ideas coming, teachers—be sure to use the hashtags #Storyworks and #StoryworksJr so we see your tweets! And don't forget to follow us:


  • Lauren Tarshis, editor of Storyworks: @laurenTarshis
  • Allison Friedman, associate editor of Storyworks: @alli_friedman
  • Kara Corridan, editor of Storyworks Jr.: @kcorridan
  • Anna Starecheski, associate editor of Storyworks Jr.: @annastarecheski
  • Rebecca Leon, education editor for Storyworks and Storyworks Jr.: @RebeccaLeon12
  • Aimee Dolan, director of teacher outreach for all of our ELA mags: @Dolan_AS
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