Student Writer Spotlight: Hika H!

Anna Starecheski

One of my favorite parts of my job is managing student writing contests. On the Ideabook, we like to highlight extraordinary student writing through our Student Writer Spotlight. See our previous Storyworks winners here and here!


Our fabulous winner for the Storyworks December 2017/January 2018 issue is Hika H! Hika sent us a clever, funny entry to the Hedgehog contest, which asked students to write a letter to a friend dissuading them from getting a pet hedgehog. (We also got some impassioned letters from students on the pro-hedgehog side, which we greatly appreciated!) See Hika's letter below!


* * * * *


If you ever think hedgehogs are easy, quiet, social or all of the above, don't be tricked into getting more than you bargained for. Seeing adorable pictures online may tempt you, but know that being cute does not mean you're worth it.

Hedgehogs are noisy. They squeak, snort, and squeal. What's also terrible? They are nocturnal animals, so good luck drowning out annoying sounds as you try to sleep.

What do bears, raccoons, and even wildcats fear? The hedgehog of course. No wonder no animal can shove a softball-sized animal with thousands of razor-sharp needles down its throat. If you want to avoid a pet that can be detrimental to your health, the hedgehog is not for you.

Compare and contrast, hedgehog and dog. Difference? A dog is man's best friend. A hedgehog? Not so much. Do dogs curl up when they are upset and take hours to unroll? There will be no snuggling here and definitely no fetching. Instagram may love you from the moment you sign that form. But your life will change. I assure you not for the better.


* * * * *


Hika's entry was chosen as a winner because of her use of casual, friendly language and her fantastic sense of humor! She incorporated details from the infographic in Storyworks and even added some of her own. Well done, Hika!

To learn more about Storyworks contests, click here!

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