A Sneak Peek at the Storyworks May/June Issue!

Allison Friedman

We’re counting down the days until you and your students get your hands on the May/June issue of Storyworks, which is packed with thrilling, moving, and deeply important stories. In fact, we can't resist sharing a sneak peek! Here are just a few of our favorite features:


We couldn’t be more in love with the fiction that came out of this year’s Create a Character contest. Storyworks reader Gia Hilal inspired author Nora Raleigh Baskin to craft a breathtaking story about a girl whose love of singing helps her connect to her Syrian heritage. And as an added treat, we have an audio version recorded by the author herself!


The issue’s nonfiction feature tells the powerful story of Ben Kamm, a Jewish teenager who escaped the Warsaw ghetto during World War II and joined the partisans—bands of brave fighters who launched attacks on the Nazis. In focusing on heroic young people who fought back against unimaginable evil, the article offers an age-appropriate entry point into the difficult subject of the Holocaust. And our behind-the-scenes video will help students understand why it’s important to learn about this horrific chapter in history.


This issue will hit your classroom just in time for Earth Day—and reading our biographical play about Rachel Carson is the perfect way to celebrate. It follows Carson as she writes and publishes her now-classic book Silent Spring, exposing the dangers of pesticides and forever changing how Americans treat nature. The play pairs beautifully with the issue’s poem, a moving tribute to the majesty of the ocean.


Your students will be charmed by the issue’s delightfully silly infographic, which encourages them to bring a camel along on their summer vacation. We can’t wait to see all their camel selfies!


Getting excited? Luckily, you only have a few more days to wait until these stories hit your classroom. We’ll be standing by to hear what you think!

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