A Sneak Peek at Storyworks Jr.'s May/June Issue!

Kara Corridan

I can't believe that we're wrapping up our second year of Storyworks Jr.! We've truly loved creating this resource and sharing it with all of you—your feedback, comments, and insight have been invaluable in making Storyworks Jr.'s second year a success! I'm so excited to share a special sneak peek at some of the content you'll see in your final issue of the year.


This issue's Word Power feature might make your students yawn, but we can guarantee they won't be bored! Check out a special slideshow online in which our Why Guy explains the meaning behind common idioms about sleep.


Get ready for summer! Our Paired Texts are about the history of ice and ice cream—more fascinating than you might imagine! Your students can practice compare/contrast as they learn about the obscure history of chilly things they might take for granted.


We're wrapping up the year with a totally thrilling nonfiction feature about the Apollo 13 disaster. Students will practice problem and solution as they learn all about this catastrophe and the ingenious astronauts and engineers who made sure everyone got home safely. Don't miss the Video Read-Aloud for this story—it's shaping up to be a great one! Bonus: The poem in this issue has a special connection to this story!


We're sure your students will have a strong opinion on this issue's debate: Should kids be paid to do chores? We can't wait to hear if any of your students will be swayed to the "no" side when they read this one!


Our May/June issue will be online April 18th and shipped to you soon after—don't miss these and other fantastic stories in our final issue!

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