The Most Delightful Test-Prep Tool in Your Toolkit!

Rebecca Leon

We know that test prep can be a stressful—and less than exciting—time in your classroom. Making your teaching life easier and your students' learning deeper and more joyful are our top goals, so we have a recommendation we're dying to share with you: Try digging into the Storyworks Core Skills Workout: Making Inferences. 

This unique 64-page workbook helps students practice one of the most important analytical reading skills—and one that's most needed for test readiness. We believe you and your students will find it not only effective, but truly delightful to use! Here's a delightful short video summing up the resource.

Students will be guided through the process of making inferences with this fun and engaging workbook, bursting with activities across the genres. They’ll be bulking up their “inferencing muscles” and be ready for tests, without the boring test prep!

With the Storyworks Core Skills Workout: Making Inferences you get:

  • Captivating fiction, poetry, and nonfiction selections, perfectly curated to teach inference with classic children’s literature and beloved Storyworks articles
  • Kid-friendly explanations to make the hows and whys of inference meaningful and easy to understand
  • Dozens of fun scaffolded activities that can be used in whole-class or small-group instruction. They'll give students the practice they need to grow their skill mastery and confidence! 
  • Assessments in formats modeled on rigorous standardized tests, offering the perfect low-intimidation practice
  • Brand-new standards-aligned Teacher’s Guide with lesson ideas, pacing guides, and an answer key. It will make planning, teaching, and grading a breeze (available for free download!).
  • Tips to support every learner, with suggestions for differentiation, English language learners, writing extensions, and so much more!
  • And for our Texas teachers! Additional test-prep questions modeled on the STAAR exam, plus specific TEKS and ELPS alignments!

We're excited to hear how this resource works for you in your classroom. To learn more and place an order, click here!

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