Vocab Activity Sparks Creative Writing Lesson

Susan Feudale

Editor's note: When 6th-grade reading teacher Susan Feudale from Kiski Upper Elementary school in Apollo, Pennsylvania, cracks open Storyworks, her creative juices flow. You'll love the way she took our October/November fiction story "The Good Deed" and developed an excellent writing extension activity that had her students working in groups to build their vocabulary and develop their writing chops. It's so clever and easy to try. Bonus: It can be used with any story, any genre, anytime. As always, we want to hear from you! Get in touch if you have creative ideas to share with fellow teachers. 



We just finished reading "The Good Deed" from the October/November issue of Storyworks. I wanted to share with fellow Storyworks teachers an activity that was really successful in my classroom. It's so easy and effective for an engaging writing extension tied to our fiction reading.



After Reading "The Good Deed," my students completed the "Pick Your Own Vocabulary Sheet." In this, students are given five vocabulary words, and then they have to select and define two more words unfamiliar to them.

I then numbered off my students by 5s.  Each group created an original story using the 7 words from the sheet. 
We then shared the stories and hung them around the room.
I love how students had the opportunity to immediately use these new words in their writing. It was super fun for them to work in teams, and then show off their work in a gallery walk.
I'm always finding creative ways to infuse my own teaching ideas when I use Storyworks. Next up: I'm taking a deeper dive into character analysis with this same fiction story. Stay tuned! In the meantime, let me know if this vocab and writing activity works for you.
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