Student Writer Spotlight: Ransym W!

Anna Starecheski

One of my favorite parts of my job is managing student writing contests. On the Ideabook, we like to highlight extraordinary student writing through our Student Writer Spotlight. See our previous Storyworks Jr. winner here!


For Storyworks Jr.'s "One of a KIND" contest in the October/November issue, we asked students to describe a time they had trouble fitting in. This month's spotlight winner, Ransym W, was chosen as a winner because of her detailed, honest, and original essay. See Ransym's entry below:




The first day of second grade was a disaster! Everybody was making fun of me because my hair was so frizzy! When I got home I was so sad. Then my mom came up to my room and said, “Don’t let people make fun of you just because you don’t fit in.” So then the next day everybody tried to make fun of me with my frizzy hair but they did not! I said, “You cannot make fun of me just because I have frizzy hair. I am the way I am.” So for the rest of the year they did not bother me again.




Ransym's opening sentence hooked us right away, and we found her essay super relatable and detailed. It's short, sweet, and gets her point across! And we loved her "I am the way I am" message. Well done, Ransym!

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