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Heather Daymont

Editor's note: Sixth grade teacher Heather Daymont from Pennsylvania reached out to us with this simple, fabulous extension activity. Her printable flipbook was designed to use with the Storyworks read-aloud play "The Necklace," but it can be adapted to work with most texts. This is our favorite kind of Genius Teacher Idea. Let us know how it works in your classroom!


My students LOVED reading “The Necklace” in the December 2017/January 2018 issue of Storyworks. Acting out plays is something they are super enthusiastic about! They especially loved the twist at the end of the play. I usually allot one class period per story for extension activities, so I created a flipbook with a few different activities that could be adapted to work with most texts. I had students fill out the whole flipbook, but you could adapt this activity to have students complete part of the flipbook, work on it in groups, or bring it home as homework. I have to tell you: The students were so engaged while they worked on their flipbooks, and many chose to present their work to the class. 




The activities were: 

  • Let’s Summarize: Write a brief summary of the story using at least five sentences.
  • Character Changes: Illustrate and describe Matilda before and after the loss of the necklace.
  • Alternate Ending: Guy de Maupassant has hired you to rewrite the ending of the story so it has a different outcome. What do you think should happen? How do you think it should end?
  • Breaking News: Write a breaking news story using at least five of the vocabulary words from “The Necklace.”
  • Time to Illustrate: Illustrate your favorite part of the play.


Here's a printable PDF of my flipbook—feel free to use it in your classroom!

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