Our Gift to You: A Play for MLK Day

Anna Starecheski

Happy New Year, teachers! We hope your holiday break was restful and rejuvenating! As you dive into the second half of the school year, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is fast approaching and we wanted to give you a great way to teach your students about this incredible hero. This play, Sitting Down for Dr. King, tells the story of the Woolworth's lunch counter sit-ins of 1960 through the eyes of a little boy who witnesses the protest. It's a unique way for students to learn about Martin Luther King Jr., because he isn't actually in the play. Instead, the story focuses on Dr. King's message of nonviolence and how he inspired these brave students to sit at the lunch counter despite endless abuse and harassment. 


We've bypassed the paywall to bring you this play for free! You can download and print a PDF here. And if you're a Storyworks subscriber, you can access all the resources that go along with it here. We hope your students will enjoy learning more about Dr. King's powerful message. 

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