Student Writer Spotlight: Emilia C!

Anna Starecheski

One of my favorite parts of my job is managing student writing contests. We get so many fantastic entries, and it's truly a joy to read them! We love to recognize our winners and their hard work, and thus the Student Writer Spotlight was born. Each issue, we'll choose one winner from Storyworks and Storyworks Jr. to celebrate here on the Ideabook. We hope that this will both encourage your students to enter and provide you with some great examples of successful entries.


Without further ado, meet our first Storyworks Jr. Spotlight winner: Emilia C! Emilia wrote a great response to the prompt that went along with our nonfiction story "Into the Dark Water," about the sinking of the Titanic. The prompt was: "Which text features helped you understand what it was like to be a passenger on the Titanic?" See her response below!


I found different text features that helped me to understand what it would be like to be a passenger on the Titanic. The title "Into the Dark Waters" sounded eerie and made me feel that the story was going to be scary. The pictures helped me to see and feel the story in my mind. The pictures expressed the words better to me. Some of the pictures showed me how big the Titanic was and how people thought it would not sink. The captions helped to explain the pictures. One caption told us about Jack and how excited he was to be on the Titanic in the beginning. The map of the Titanic showed how far away it was from the land. There was literally no land by it. This made me feel nervous for Jack and everyone else because it looked like they would not be able to survive out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. These text features stood out the most to me and let me understand the story more.


Our fabulous contest judge, Alicia, summed up why Emilia was chosen as a winner: "Her use of grade-appropriate adjectives to describe the atmosphere on the Titanic brilliantly illustrated how she would have felt if she were in Jack’s place." Indeed! Nice job, Emilia! To learn more about Storyworks Jr. contests, click here.

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