Our Favorite Tweets From You

Kara Corridan

Seeing your tweets about Storyworks and Storyworks Jr. makes all of us so grateful and proud. Please keep 'em coming! Here are some of our favorites of late:


How cool are blackout poems? Kyle Kessering, a 5th-grade teacher in Ohio, found this creative second life for issues of Storyworks:


Third-grade Texas teacher Kyndra Hartzler shows her students reading Anansi, Storyworks Jr.'s December/January read-aloud play, and using our new "Why Guy" slideshow that provides background information about the concept of tricksters in literature:



This fourth-grade class in North Carolina showed us how they use Storyworks for text mapping:


We got a kick out of this teacher's comment on her post about the prediction sort she created for "The History of Television" in Storyworks Jr.—none of her students knew what MTV was! 

Emily Francis, an ESL teacher in North Carolina, included a fun video of her students engrossed in our paired texts in the September issue of Storyworks Jr., "Hamburger History/Tacos Take Over"



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