4th grade Storyworks Community Takes Action

Aimee Dolan

We are always gushing over our truly amazing Storyworks teachers and their students. Adviser Debbie Ericksen from Bridgewater, New Jersey, and her 4th-grade students are a perfect example of a Storyworks community coming together for a worthy cause. After Hurricane Harvey, her students learned about the devastating effects of the storm on students just like themselves in the Houston area. They exclaimed: "We want to help Houston schools!" So we quickly connected them to a school in the area, Ford Elementary School, where Dana Canales, another standout 4th-grade Storyworks adviser, teaches. Unfortunately, many students in Dana's class are still displaced from their homes. Everyday coveted items like books and school supplies have been washed away. So Debbie's class decided to hold a book drive.

So far they've collected more than 200 books and dozens of supplies! In the process, two other classes from Adamsville Elementary, also in Bridgewater, have joined in to help the effort. Shoutouts to the classes of 4th-grade teachers Ms. Judge and Ms. Pfitzenmayer, who've both adopted a Ford classroom to support with books and supplies. 

These students are so excited to make an instant difference in the lives of kids just like themselves. And coming together around reading and literacy is a powerful experience for children to share with one another, even when they're thousands of miles apart.

This is just the beginning of the partnership between these schools. Next on the agenda, Ms. Ericksen's and Ms. Canales' classes will work on Storyworks nonfiction article "Our World Turned to Water," which showcased a similar hurricane and flood that ravaged Baton Rouge, Louisiana, last August. These Storyworks teachers will develop a lesson plan and writing activities together, and hopefully have a Skype session so students can see and hear each other as they work on important ELA and empathy-building skills. Whatever these two inspiring educators come up with will certainly provide all of their students with a bigger lesson they'll never forget.


We absolutely love it when we can connect our joyful Storyworks community.

Bravo to ALL!



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