3 September Stories You Don't Want to Miss

Kara Corridan

Hi, Storyworks Jr. teachers! Your October/November issue is ready for you, but we know some of you are still working on the September issue. Before you move onto the next issue, here are three stories in our September issue you don't want to miss, according to our beloved teacher advisers!

"Y'all did an awesome job including a fidget spinners debate story in the first issue! My students were so into their responses! I used it as a rapport-building activity during the first week of school and they haven't stopped asking for another article. The next one I plan on showing them is the hamburger/taco paired text!"

-Alejandro Sifuentes, bilingual grade 3 teacher in Round Rock, TX

"My students have already read the paired texts for this month. They loved learning about the history behind hamburgers and tacos, and the articles inspired inquiry surrounding the history of other favorite foods!"

-Lorraine Magee, grade 3 teacher in Natick, MA

"I'm excited to teach the paired nonfiction texts on the history of hamburgers and tacos because the paired texts allow so much flexibility for use, both in wholeclass and small group instruction."

-Mindi Rench, grade 3 teacher in Northbrook, IL

"I am so excited to use "Jesselyn Silva, Tough Girl" in my classroom. I know my students will be inspired by Jesslyn's growth mindset and perseverance!"

-Lorraine Magee


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