Freebie Friday: Opinion Writing Activity for Summer Reading

Aimee Dolan

It is with sincere excitement that we help our teachers usher in back-to-school with a Friday Freebie. At Storyworks/Storyworks Jr. HQ, our editors have been in BTS mode since May, when we first began to lovingly plan and prepare our September issues and support materials. As you might imagine, we are nearly jumping out of our seats to get these resources into your classrooms and in front of your new students! 

But we are also keenly aware that many of you will need to delay diving into Storyworks or Storyworks Jr. until you've gotten into classroom routines, set expectations, and maybe even begun assessing reading levels. So, we wanted to offer FREE activity sheets on how to write a book review for both Fiction and Nonfiction, from our evergreen activity library. These can be easily used by students as tools to share their favorite summer reading books.

We encourage you to write your own book review and show your students how easy it is. It's also a great writing warm-up to get your kids back into the groove of responding to their reading with writing. This quick and easy activity will surely clear away the summer cobwebs by providing practice with main idea and supporting details and character analysis, with a simple-to-follow template for either fiction or nonfiction that breaks the elements of writing an opinion piece down into smaller chunks. Plus, what a great way to set the tone and expectations for reading and writing in your classrooms this year. This also makes a great sharing activity, with new and old friends making book recommendations to each other for independent reading book selections from your classroom or school library.





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