Your thoughts on Storyworks Jr.'s first year

Kara Corridan

Last month we sent out a survey to all of our Storyworks Jr. subscribers. These surveys help us see exactly how we were able to help you this past school year, and how we can improve in the coming year. This feedback is critical for any magazine, but considering this was Storyworks Jr.'s first year, it's even more vital. So I offer a huge thank you to everyone who responded. We know these come at a time when you have a million deadlines to hit and plenty of end-of-year activities to attend. (By the way, if you got an email about our survey and you didn't click on the link to take it, it's not too late!) We've been poring through the results, and every single response and comment is helping us fine-tune our content, our support materials, and differentiation tools. Here are 5 takeaways that you might find interesting, too:

1. Nearly all of you want our stories to address SEL topics. 98% of you felt it's important to include social-emotional learning in our articles. We're glad to hear that, because in 2017-18, we'll have a special emphasis on SEL--not just in our fiction stories, but in our paired texts, too, and anywhere else it makes sense.

2. Most of you don't know about one of our best features.  We know how it is when you're done reading a story to your students, but they want to learn more about the topic: You'd love to keep the learning going, but you don't have time to dig around for learning extensions. Guess what? You don't have to! Our Can't-Miss Teaching Extras, which are on the Story Pages on our website, give you exactly what you're looking for--whether it's a short video, or a book, or a link to an infographic, or a cool fact we didn't have room to include in the story. (Can't find them? For our story about the Boston Molasses Flood, you simply scroll down and look for the white bar on the right side.)

3. Sometimes, you consider our stories to be a treat for your students. We loved when one teacher told us that she "lets" her students act our our read-aloud plays as a reward!

4. You can't get enough biographies. When we asked what you want to see more of, an overwhelming majority of you requested biographies. You can bet you'll be seeing more biographies in the next school year!

5. You want a sneak preview of content. Consider it done! All summer, starting in July, watch out each week for a peek at what we're cooking up for our fall and winter issues. For now, I'll give you a hint: Our September 2017 nonfiction feature has to do with a certain luxury liner that met an untimely end just over a century ago...

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