Social Emotional Learning Extension: An Advice Column!

Aimee Dolan

Editor's note: Among our favorite days, hands-down, are school visits. We adore watching the roll-up-your-sleeve teaching from our amazing community of educators. We had to stop the presses for this SEL idea provided by Suzanne Egert and Nicole Schiavone of M.F. Stokes Elementary, tied to the Storyworks Jr. May/June Fiction story "Dad, the Disco King."  Boy, did their kids have lots to say about embarrassing parental moments! But they had even more great advice for helping each other out of difficult situations. Read-on for a winning SEL strategy for your classroom!

Step 1: First, this class read the story twice together. 

Step 2: As a class, they discussed their own embarrassing moments! Suzanne wrote down their moments, and as you can see, they had lots of great ones! (Our favorite: "Grandma did a bottle flip and then dabbed.")

Step 3: Suzanne and Nicole developed 6 embarrassing scenarios based on the brainstorm they had with some students. 

Step 4: Suzanne introduced the students to the concept of an advice column by sharing some vintage "Dear Abby" letters.

Step 5: Suzanne and Nicole divided the students into six groups of four. Each group was given a scenario and worked together to write an advice column-style response. 

Step 6: The class came back together and each group presented their scenario and advice to the class.

We hope you'll try this awesome SEL extension in your classroom! Let us know how it goes!



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