Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Anna Starecheski

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Here at Scholastic, we have great respect for teachers. And on a personal note, I am in awe of all that you do every day. So I wanted to share a little story about a teacher who changed my life.

When I started high school, I was apathetic about school. I've never been good at math and science, and the emphasis on those subjects was discouraging. I felt stupid. Why even try? Junior year, I was placed into the lowest-level English class. But I was excited, because I had a notoriously great teacher. His name was Mr. Brandt, but everyone called him Bucky. He was one of those teachers that every kid loves. 

Bucky gave us a summer assignment, and when I handed mine in on the first day of school he took me aside. "Why are you in this class?" he asked me. "You're too advanced for this. I'm going to make sure you get moved into my higher class." And he did. And for the first time in high school, I felt smart. Bucky made me feel like I was capable, even special. He praised my writing and suggested additional books for me to read. He even made sure I was in his AP English class senior year. 

Bucky gave me one very important thing that great teachers can give to students: confidence. He made me feel like a good student, and so I became one. Not just in his class, but in others. He even wrote my college recommendation letter. And so the girl who was placed in the lowest-level English class became a writer and an editor at Scholastic. And Bucky is still teaching today.

I feel like almost everyone has a story like this one, about a teacher who changed their life for the better. All you teachers are doing such important work, and we are relishing this week where we get to shower you with praise and gifts (keep your eyes peeled for a special giveaway, coming soon!). Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, from all of us here at Storyworks and Storyworks Jr.!

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