Poetry Support at the Ready!

Aimee Dolan

We are passionate about poetry and make sure we provide at least one poem in every issue of both Storyworks and Storyworks Jr. Many of you find it essential and use the poems faithfully with every issue. Others provide a more targeted poetry focus as part of test-prep season. And still others teach it seasonally during April's National Poetry Month. However you use our poems, these four simple ideas can be right for any classroom. Enjoy!  

Four amazingly easy ways to use the poems in Storyworks and Storyworks Jr.:  

Idea 1: Create a poetry collection, combining all poems from this year's Storyworks or Storyworks Jr. issues into a booklet as a take-home gift. 

Idea 2: Practice makes perfect with the easy-to-use "Write Your Own Poem" activity that comes with every poem in Storyworks Jr. Using this activity sheet, your students can write their own poems in the style of the poem in that issue. Here's the one for our May/June poem, A Slash of Blue by Emily Dickinson. For Storyworks subscribers, most Storyworks poems come with an activity as well! Check out this one for the March/April poem, Just Before April Came by Carl Sandburg.

Idea 3: Put up all of the poems from this year's issues on your classroom wall and let students vote on their favorite. For a great math extension, you can make a bar graph with the results of the vote.

Idea 4: Get comfy and have a poetry listening day! We include audio for all poems in Storyworks and Storyworks Jr. Listening to them as a class can be a wonderful end of day or transition activity during the last few weeks of National Poetry Month. You can even host a class discussion after each poem.

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