One More #MyStoryworksMoments Round-up!

Anna Starecheski

In February, we asked you to join our social media community at #MyStoryworksMoment to share your quintessential and out-of-the-box moments using Storyworks or Storyworks Jr. in your classroom. (See our previous round-ups here and here.) We've been blown away by all of you, and seeing your classrooms alive with engagement makes logging on to Twitter fun. We so appreciate you sharing your #MyStoryworksMoment tweets for this school year, and we'll keep finding fun ways to keep our community going with all of you!

We wish we could come visit all of your classrooms! By sharing the creative learning taking place all across the country, we hope it's been fun making connections with like-minded teachers making the most of our resources. You can always reach us at #Storyworks and #StoryworksJr, and we hope you'll continue to invite us into your classrooms by capturing the visual excitment of reading and learning happening every day. Happy tweeting!

Ms. Taddeo's tweet just blew us away—we love when teachers make creative connections to STREAM with our content! After reading the article Mountain of Fire in Storyworks, her students created their own volanoes!

Ms. Caceres shared this sweet photo of some of her readers enjoying the fiction story from Storyworks Jr., The Big One. Seeing happy kids engaged in reading our content just makes our day!

Teacher adviser Jackie Rabinoff shared this great pic of her students reading The Box That Changed America from Storyworks. Gotta love seeing students so engaged that they don't even ham it up for the camera!

We're so excited to be in touch with you! Feel free to follow our editors on Twitter:

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