A Fun, Easy App to Make Infographics

Thomasine Mastrantoni and Deborah Goldstein, the Link Ladies

Editor's note: The Link Ladies are back for a super engaging end-of-year wrapup activity! Thomasine Mastrantoni and Deborah Goldstein are two library media specialists from Harrison, New York, and they specialize in finding ways to use free and simple apps to build reading skills. Here, they showcase an easy-to-use collage creator that they used in conjunction with the April/May 2016 Storyworks Paired Texts, "The Story of Awwwww." When students take what they've learned and apply it to their own lives, it really deepens their understanding. We hope you'll try this out in your classroom!


The App:

PicCollage, an easy-to-use collage creator.



Why Use It: 

PicCollage provides the perfect canvas for students to combine text and images. An infographic packs in tons of information in a small space. It is also a perfect opportunity for students to practice the skill of writing succinctly. This makes for a pretty creative persuasive piece, too. Using the Storyworks paired texts "The Story of Awwwww" as inspiration, students can create an infographic with this app. 


Skills Focus: 

Main idea and supporting details



1 class period


What you'll need:

  • Storyworks article
  • iPads with PicCollage app (FREE in the app store)
  • A great imagination


The Lesson


Step 1: Picture Walk

Do a picture walk with both the main article and the timeline. Read the titles, subheads, and boxes. Talk about what people consider when choosing a pet.



Step 2: Read and Think

Have your students read "The Story of Awwwww" with the focus on finding out the reasons that hamsters have made such popular pets. Instruct them to draw on their own personal experience as well. Ask: Do you have a pet? Does anyone know you have an unusual pet?



Step 3: Demonstrate Your Understanding

After reading the article, students will create an infographic about their ideal pet. Students are encouraged to extract traits from the article about what makes hamsters great pets and apply those traits to their own ideal pets. They can also come up with other qualities. Creativity is encouraged! Each student will choose an animal; it can be as common as a fish or as unique as an ostrich. Ask them to consider these factors: their house size, yard, family, who is home, how much time they can dedicate to caring for the pet, whether anyone has allergies, etc.  

To Add Text:

Students press the + button at the bottom, and choose the Aa icon to add text. A text box will appear and they can type in their information about their perfect pet. They can personalize the text with font, color, stickers, and background choices as well.

To Add Images:

Have students search Google (under your supervision) for images of the pet they want and save them to the Camera Roll.

To add these images to their PicCollage infographic, students press the + and choose photos from the Camera Roll. After selecting the images they want, they press the checkmark and those images are immediately added to their PicCollage. Students can then use two fingers to resize and move these images around on their PicCollage to create their infographic.


Step 4: Save and Share

When students have finished with their PicCollage, they press the Share button and it automatically saves it as an image in their Camera Roll. From there they can print it, email it, or add it as an image to a display or a newsletter.


Did you try this app-based learning activity in your classroom? Let us know how it went in the comments!

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