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Welcome to the Storyworks Ideabook!

Hello teachers!

I wish you could come to our New York offices and listen in on some of our discussions (and share some of the delicious coffee we get across the street). Really, all we talk about is YOU. We’re constantly figuring out how we can best assist you in your teaching journey — what problems we can help you solve, what challenges we can help you overcome, how we can make your job a little bit easier and your days more joyful. 

And it was during one of these discussions that we realized we wanted to do more to help you use Storyworks (and our brand-new Storyworks Jr.) to its very fullest. We decided to start this new forum, which we call the Storyworks Ideabook, and it’s where we’ll share ways to use our resources in the classroom.

You’ll find the basics — our favorite “recipe” for a nonfiction close read, how to use our Core Skills package to build test readiness, ideas for making the most of our many activities. And we’ll also tell you about some of the amazing ideas we get from Storyworks teachers who are using our resources in effective, creative, and innovative ways. 

We hope you’ll share your ideas with us — and that you’ll share the ideas you find here. We are so pleased to be a part of your teaching life, and hope that this new tool will make a difference.

Warmest wishes,


What do you hope to get out of this resource? Let us know in the comments!

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