New Video Read-Aloud! Use Multimedia Tools to Teach Your ELA Students

Kara Corridan

You've told us how much you love the audio articles in Storyworks, as well as our behind-the-scenes videos. So for Storyworks Jr.'s growing readers, we've created a format that combines the two. The result? Our new video read-aloud. In it, author Lauren Tarshis narrates her article about Mount St. Helens ("Mountain of Fire") as gripping images and video footage allow your students to vividly picture the setting and events of the story. We reinforce key concepts on-screen, too:



We've had the pleasure of visiting several classrooms recently. After observing students watch the video, and hearing from teachers who've used it with their classes, we're confident that this unique differentiation tool will transform the way your students interact with our content. It'll enhance comprehension for your most challenged readers, too. We're thrilled to report that children have been mesmerized by it! A third-grade teacher in California sent us this photo, with the message "The kids love the video. I can hear a pin drop. Thank you!" 


We’re eager for you to try out this unique new tool with your students. Try the method that works best for their abilities:

For On-Level Readers:
As a class, watch the first two minutes of the video, up to the section "The Terror Begins." (You want to pique your students' interest but not give everything away.) Then turn off the video, read the entire story together, and then watch the remaining five minutes of the video.

Read the article as a whole class or in small groups. Then show the video in full as a second "read." Afterward, have students return to the text to help with close-reading and critical-thinking questions.


For Struggling Readers:
Use the video as a first "read," and then have students read the article in small groups or with teacher support.

Have your students watch the video while reading along at home, or in the classroom (with headsets) to reinforce the story and build fluency.

You can find the video on our website, as well as the article, activity sheets, and Teacher’s Guide.


What do you think of this new resource? Let us know in the comments!

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